Collagen – the ingredient of youth and health!
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The numerous questions  I received about  collagen has the purpose to describe its nature briefly.
The word itself comes from the Greek word kolla – glue, collagen – manufacture of glue. It is clear that it has a connecting function in living things. Collagen is the main structural protein of the connective tissue in animals. It occupies 25-35% of the protein content of the body.


Builds tendons, ligaments and skin, and is widespread in the cornea, cartilage, bone, blood vessels in the gut, and intervertebral discs. Fibroblasts are the cells that create collagen.

It consists of a triple helix – two identical loops and one with a slightly different chemical composition. The amino acid composition of the collagen differs from other proteins with high levels of hydroxyproline. Others are proline and glycine. The most frequently observed is the following arrangement glycine-proline-glycine-X-X-hydroxyproline, X is other type amino acid than the others. Only tryptophan is not detected in the collagen composition.
Besides the above three amino acids, alanine is also commonly found.amino acids


Glycine is in almost every third place, proline builds 17% of collagen, vitamin C is involved as a cofactor, hydroxyproline, which is received by proline. There is also hydroxylysine derived from lysine.
Cortisol is the hormone that causes the breakdown of collagen into amino acids, that’s why it’s not  a coincidence stress forms wrinkles!!!
In our body there are 5 types of collagen. More than 90% is represented by the collagen type 1.


So far, 28 types of collagen have been identified and described.


  • Collagen I: skin, tendons, ligaments of internal organs, organs, bone (main component of the organic part of the bone)
  • Collagen II: cartilage (main component of cartilage)
  • Collagen III: mesh (main component of reticular fibers) which are often found with Type I.
  • Collagen IV: basal plate forms, epithelial basement membrane.
  • Collagen V: cell surfaces, hair and placenta


Diseases related with collagen most commonly result from genetic defects or nutritional deficiencies that have an effect on the bio synthesis, connecting, post translational modification, secretion or other processes involved in the normal production of collagen.


The collagen peptide chains formed collagen fibers that build extracellular matrix. It connects the cells in tissues and creates their structure. The collagen is resistant to stretching, because it is located in the fascia, tendons, cartilage, bone and skin. Together with the keratin, it is responsible for the strength and elasticity of the skin. Its degradation leads to wrinkles, a symptom of aging of the body. Collagen strengthens the walls of blood vessels, it is in the cornea and lens of the eye in a crystalline form.
It is applied in many fields. In medicine it is used in plastic surgery, especially in recovery from burns on the skin. It is used for the production of shell for sausages. It became part of the well-known to all of you Gelatin.


It is also used for the production of cosmetics in the form of a dietary supplement. So far there is not enough proven by studies and research.
Collagen exists in two forms natural and hydrolyzed. It is believed that the second has been processed for a better absorption.



Here are some types of products:



Colvita capsules

Colvita collagen. Colvita capsules


Food supplement COLVITA


Collagen + Vitamin E + Algi


Nutricosmetic and dietary supplement capsules. Unique in the world complex of freeze dried pure collagen derived from fish skin extract, algae and vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol). COLVITA is derived from the greatest discovery of the Polish biotechnology, such as extraction in an aqueous solution with preserving natural to living organisms triple protein structure – pure, natural collagen from fish skin.


COLVITA is produced mainly from fish collagen lyophilized, lyophilization is a freeze pure collagen to – 40 ° C under vacuum and removing the water by sublimation thereof. Lyophilizate (98% protein) swells few dozen times in the digestive system thanks to his new hydration, which is useful for people who are trying to lose weight (protein diet promotes fat burning). This make and amino acids from which is formed the collagen, which are highly digestible by the body.


After two months of regular use should be observed the first signs of the effect of COLVITA, resulting in strengthening hair and tissues that support the skin, leading to increased elasticity, moisture and shine.


After 4-6 months you should  expect results that cannot be described here as they can be accepted for advertising capsules COLVITA as medicine.




2 capsules a day after or during meals in order of vitamin E, which was dissolved only in fats. In disease states intake can be increased to 3, 4 or more capsules. Be used as a supplement to a varied diet.




The use of 2 capsules per day has no contraindications. In view of the presence of iodine in algae larger doses are not advisable to people with increased thyroid function. Back to people with under active thyroid gland and subjected to irradiation are recommended 4-6 and even more capsules a day.





Food supplement


COMPOSITION: Collagen hydrolyzate, calcium (as calcium lactate), excipient (corn starch), calcium (as calcium carbonate), magnesium (as magnesium carbonate), powdered fruit of acerola, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), fillers, (lactose, microcrystalline cellulose), release agent (magnesium stearate). Origin of collagen – beef.


PURPOSE: Contributes to the smooth functioning of joints, bones, connective tissue, skeletal muscle, blood vessel walls, skin, hair, nails, eyes and more.


HOW TO USE: Recommended 3 times daily 2-3 tablets.


RECOMMENDATIONS: It is desirable that the product be taken at least two months, then you can make a short break.




hydrolyzed collagen nanoComposition: Each capsule contains 360 milligrams. hydrolyzed collagen nano

Manufactured by: Panacea 2001, Bulgaria


Application and dosage:


For adults and children over the ’12 to 2 capsules daily







Collagen plus

Collagen plus

AquaSource product – Collagen Plus (Collagen Plus), contains the highest quality collagen, combined with hyaluronic acid, electrically charged ionic minerals (provides essential minerals, trace elements and rare earth elements) and AFA algae, which further enhance the ability of collagen to recover .


Use: 2 capsules daily. For long lasting effect take 3 to 6 months consecutively





Collagen Pro-ActiveCollagen Pro-Active is an excellent form of collagen, with countless beneficial effects on the human body. The single daily dose Collagen Pro-Active is sufficient to have a fresh and youthful skin, healthy hair and nails and helps fight osteoporosis and arthritis. Also regulates body weight, helps reduce cellulite, improves significantly.




Liquid natural collagen Scitec

Scitec collagen liquid

Scitec collagen liquid: Eliminates stiffness and pain in the joints

Protects cartilage from wear

Usage: Take one dose of 25ml. a day on an empty stomach.

With the liquid technology Arthro Guard Liquid is absorbed more times faster than pills.





Arthro Guard Liquid Arthro Guard Liquid supports your joints in three ways. First, the content of MSM helps relieve joint pain caused by trauma. Second, the content of Glyukosamin and Chondroitin helps restore cartilage and synovial fluid. Third, the collagen content helps the joints to be strong and healthy.


Directions: Take one dose of 30ml. daily.







UC-II Type II Collagen - Collagen UC-II Type II Collagen – Collagen form of natural collagen derived from chicken cartilage. Collagen is a major connective tissue in the body, providing a supporting mobility and the strength of the articular bones. UC-II Type II Collagen – Collagen is the principle structural protein in cartilage, which is responsible for extensibility and strength.


UC-II Type II Collagen – Collagen works with the immune system of the body, maintains healthy joints and promotes joint flexibility and mobility. UC-II Type II Collagen – Collagen has demonstrated its effectiveness in a number of research over the years, as evidence of its effects are testing people, not laboratory animals.


UC-II Type II Collagen – Collagen comprises added minerals from red algae, which are a natural source of calcium and other minerals 70.




1 capsule at bedtime on an empty stomach.


Ultimately, it is best to take collagen with the food, but because of many diets and ideas not to consume the skins of chicken, fish, entrails, liver, meat, many of us take it at reduced doses.

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