Diets for the abdominal zone
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The fats in the belly zone are different from all other fats in our body. They are not only an esthetical issue but also present a risk for developing various serious illnesses like Diabetes Type 2, cardio-vascular illnesses, even some cancer types.

However, when it comes to health we don’t mean the natural fat contents of our body needed to provide the normal functioning of the endocrine systems. What we mean are the so called visceral fats that accumulate deep in the abdominal fat, between and around our internal organs. They are related to health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, high levels of triglycerides, resistance to insulin, high fibrinogen levels, chronical inflammation processes and infections in our body.

In order to improve our health and our appearance, it is time to lose excessive waist centimetres in several easy steps with proven effect:

Rule No 1: Be active!

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Exercises are the worst enemy of subcutaneous fat. Long cardio workout such as 40-60 minutes walking, running, skating, riding a bicycle, jumping rope, skiing in winter, or some intensive group activities like Zumba, folklore dancing, spinning, kangoo jumps have proven effect. This would increase your heartbeat rate and spend considerable amount of energy!

However, you shouldn’t underestimate strength training. Although it is less intensive compared to cardio workout, strength training burns calories even after you stop exercising. It also helps building muscle mass – a metabolic tissue which is more active than fat tissue in general and burns more calories even when resting.

Rule No 2: Water, water, and… water!

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Be sure to drink enough water! And by saying water we mean water. Water does not only hydrate your body and moisture your skin, delaying the ageing process, but it also helps stimulate the natural processes of purifying the body.

Detoxification helps losing weight. We often mix the feeling of thirst and hunger and that’s how we receive extra calories which are not necessary for our body. If you drink two glasses of water 30 minutes before each meal, you will reduce the quantity of food you consume in a natural manner.

Green tea is also helpful for reducing belly fats and losing weight. It is powerful antioxidant that provides reliable prevention against some oncological illnesses, apart from actively stimulating the loss of extra weight.

Add 5 cups of green tea to your daily menu and you might lose 1-2 kg in 2 months even without changing any other eating habits. If you want to get better effect, add several drops of recently squeezed lemon to your tea. This way you could enjoy wonderful taste and provide your body with easy to assimilate Vitamin C. Furthermore, it would help losing belly fats since lemon is a good ally in the fight against extra weight because it contains pectin and fibres, helps digestion and prevents fat accumulation.

You can also add lemon juice to water or to salads and meals guaranteeing weight loss.

Regarding body hydration it is important to point out that it is recommended to stop consuming the following if you wish to reduce the waist fats:

  • Lots of fruit juices – even though recently squeezed fresh juices seem healthy, they contain a lot of fructose that increases the insulin levels in blood and not only prevents losing weight and body fat but leads to gaining weight and accumulating fat, as well.

If you intend to lose a couple of kilos, drink max 1 glass of fresh per day and better eat entire fruits. This will not only provide priceless vitamins and minerals to your body but it will also offer the opportunity to enjoy positive effects of fibres which are missing from the fresh juices. Thinking about it… it’s not probable to eat 5 apples but it is enjoyable to drink the juice of 10 apples, while fruit sugar is what it is after all…

  • Forget about sweet soft drinks and exclude them completely from your menu. Not only don’t they have any nutritional value, but they also give empty calories;
  • Give up also beverages with sweetener. Even if they don’t contain so many calories, the fake sugar taste increases insulin levels which may lead to preventing the weight loss;
  • Reduce the intake of alcohol – it is full of calories, normally accompanied by unhealthy food and it definitely doesn’t help losing waste centimetres. However, do not get radical, a glass of wine on Christmas Eve won’t harm you! What is important is to really limit it to one glass and really limit it to Christmas Eve!

Rule No 3: Say yes! To good fats!

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Not all fats are the same! Yes, excessive fat intake does lead to accumulating excessive body mass. But, unlike others, monounsaturated fatty acids help degrade belly fats, being nourishing enough to satisfy hunger and prevent us from eating too much.

There is good news! Monounsaturated fatty acids are temptingly delicious! You can find them in avocado, coconut butter, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, and olives.

Rule No 4: Spend enough time sleeping and resting actively!

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Insufficient night sleep leads to gaining weight. Be sure to spend at least 7-8 hours for active sleep, walk more, release stress and extra tension. Excessive mental workload not only helps the synthesis of stress hormones that prevent losing weight but it could also lead to emotionally-motivated eating that could mean consuming too much processed food, fast carbohydrate food full of trans fats, white sugar, salt, preservatives and flavour enhancers. You can guess that those foods won’t help you reduce belly fats.

Rule No 5: Consume enough pure protein!

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Try balanced diet eating, frequently and in small quantities to improve your metabolism, and add variated pure protein sources to your menu. You can choose between lean meat and fish to combine with starch-free vegetables.

Eggs are a good protein source as well, especially the white of the egg. Other options are milk and cottage cheese. If you prefer plant food, choose legumes such as lentils, peas or broad beans; or grains like quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat.

Rule No 6: Eat food rich in fibres!

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Soluble fibres absorb water making the substance of the intestinal tract jelly-like, which slows down the course of food through the digestive system.

Research shows that these fibres also stimulate weight loss by increasing the sense of satiety which naturally leads to eating less. They can also reduce the calories from food and stimulate the intestine peristaltic and the natural purifying processes of the body.

These small changes of your lifestyle will help you lose a couple of extra kilos easily and quickly. Not only you waist will look thinner and more delicate but you would also become healthier!

If you strive for faster and instantaneous effect exclude all foods that provoke gas and swelling such as cabbage-like vegetables.

Eat more foods like almond, quinoa, soy, eggs, berries, kiwi, leafy vegetables, low fat yoghurt, lemon, green tea, salmon, avocado, cocoa beans, seeds, apples and pears garnished with a lot of exercise.

Or just trust the experts! Choose one of our special programmes and our experts, nutritionists and experienced coaches will help you enjoy thinner waist, better health, more energy and higher self-esteem while relaxing and having fun!