Our hidden fears lead to weight gain
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Yo-yo dieting effect | LuckyFit

Fast weight loss and yo-yo dieting effect


Many people in our country are overweight and most want to lose weight. They are usually directed to rapid weight loss. There is a healthy way to quickly lose weight, but often the wrong way is chosen and the kilos return again. Sometimes – and more.


In unhealthy fast weight loss, the so-called Yo-yo effect is most commonly known. The concept is based on movements in succession up and down, here indicating rapid weight loss – fast weight gain, rapid weight loss – again weight gain.


The yo-yo effect usually occurs after painful hunger or severe diets for rapid weight loss. Once the rapid attenuation is achieved in this way, the body needs a period of adaptation for the feed and metabolism of the substances. Often, however, people who have been subjected to great deprivation for rapid weight loss, then “with bait” have returned to their former eating habits and are getting fat.


Thus, the rapid attenuation achieved does not have the desired lasting effect first. And second, consistent fast weight loss and fast weight gain is harmful. It has strong periodic “attacks” against the kidneys and other organs from the accumulation of toxins. These poisons are harmful to all organs and systems, they break both their function as well as normal metabolism.


In addition, a rapid weight loss, if not done properly, exhausts the body, is at the expense of its protective strength and tone, and it is dangerous to increase harmful fats. Insufficient food is taken by the body as a danger of starvation and he begins to pre-emptively accumulate a “reserve” of fat.


In the end, according to some specialists, fast weight loss with yo-yo effect is a more unfavorable option than unchanged overweight.


How to determine your ideal weight?


There are different ways to calculate the ideal weight. However, if a person wants to calculate what is his ideal weight, one has to take into account several things. In the general formulas for calculating the ideal weight there is a certain relativity, they are rather orientation if we are within the limits.


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There is no universal ideal weight, it is individual and it is not so much related to the appearance as to its healthy effect on the individual. Ideal weight is what does not create prerequisites for illness and death and allows active life.


Someone may have a big coat, another with thin bones, another with normal. The body may be muscular or fat in certain areas, despite the fact that there are not many. For this ideal weight, both heredity and the physical workload in everyday life – from active to almost none – are important. To the factors of ideal weight we add the general health, sex, age.


Yet, although there is some relativity, there is a universal formula for determining ideal weight. With it we can see if we are in the limits of ideal weight and what is our common condition – from weak to low to sickness. By the way, medics work with the basic term normal weight.


The World Health Organization has set limits on the Body Mass Index. It is obtained by dividing the weight, determined in kilograms, to the height determined in meters, raised in a square. Let’s say one person weighs 90 kg and is 1.80 meters tall. 1.80 per square is equal to 3.24. 90 divided by 3.24 equals 27.78.


Weight is insufficient if the index is below 18.5. The normal weight range is 18.5-24.9. The overweight is at index 25-29.9. Followed by obesity: the first type at index 30-34.9; Second type – 35-39,9. At 40 and up we have obesity.


How does it get to gain?


The “formula” by which one gets to gain weight is known to all: we eat much more than the body needs, with food we take more energy than we spend with everyday movements. The question is what we do, knowing it. And why every spring and summer a lot of people start “on fire” trying to lose weight, some – on another path.


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Any obesity above the norms leads to risks of diseases – the cardiovascular system, joints and bones due to the load, diabetes, etc. Of course, we are talking about the accumulation of fat, not the muscle mass. Fats, and without drastic obesity, lead to health problems. They not only stick to the body but also affect the internal organs by breaking the metabolism. This additionally leads to gain.


Men are normally considered to be between 13 and 15%, and 22-25% for females. Everyone, even if he is not obese, can see his “pallas” on his belly and waist, and make at least a general fat account.


There is a method that measures fat on the abdomen and which determines whether a person is of normal weight or a little heavy to obese. The waist is measured. 94 – 101.6 centimeters in men are overweight and above 101.6 – obesity. For women, overweight is over 80 to 87.9 cm, and obesity – over 87.9 cm.


Some psychological problems also lead to obesity. Among them is low self-esteem. High self-absorption also leads to gain. Stress from the constant struggle with himself finds a vent in the food. Depression leads to gaining weight because of the use of alcohol, sweet, which enhances mood, but for a short time. The hidden fears – from loneliness, from tying, from failure, etc., which also kills in almost constant eating – lead to gaining weight.


How do you lose weight without a diet?


The organism needs the food, it gives the body energy to exist, it allows the person active movement and activities. Is there a way to lose weight without diet and yo-yo effect? Yes – the energy consumed is more than the energy used.


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For weight loss without diet, nutrition and physical exercise are important. For weight loss without diet, nutrition should be varied and tasty. The goal is not to feel embarrassed by deprivation. For weight loss without diet it is important that the food is balanced, to provide in proper ratio the nutrients necessary for the body.


Proteins can be used for energy, but their primary function is building muscles and bone formation in the body. Carbohydrates are important with their energy-giving function. However, if this energy is not consumed and left in excess, the carbohydrates turn into fat.


Fats also have a role – they are related to the activity of important hormones, absorbing vitamins, etc. As energy they are more difficult to use, because they are slowly absorbed. If they are in larger quantities, fat leads to gain.


Therefore, for weight loss without diet, the balance is important – to have all the substances, but without surplus. You must exclude the fat from the meat, not to eat too much pasta. It is recommended that diet-free diet include breakfast, lunch, afternoon light snack and uncooked early dinner.


For weight loss without diet, movement is also important – according to age, sex, health. Such a combination of balanced nutrition and a well-balanced physical exercise under medical supervision is conducted under LuckyFit programs.


At this five-star clinic for specialized and effective weight loss without a diet, you will lose up to 6 percent of your weight for a week, and for 14 days – up to 8 percent. And following the advice, you can reduce your weight to 30% per year.


Weight loss and detox


Healthy weight loss – with balanced nutrition and physical activity – is not just about the appearance. It is very important that through it a detox is achieved, the body is cleansed from the accumulated poisons.


Overweight is a sure sign that toxins have accumulated in the body and it needs detox.


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The poisons in the body accumulate mostly from bad food and harmful eating habits. Typically, chaotic eating during the day ends with overeating at night, just before bedtime.


Fatty meats, too often accompanied by alcohol, bakery, semi-prepared, fried, etc., are consumed, and traffic is limited.


The human organism is set to self-regulate, it absorbs the necessary substances, and from the excess is released through the intestines, kidneys, liver, sweat glands. But when we overload him with food, he can not cope.


When more food is taken, digestion slows down, slows down and disturbs the activity of the excretory systems. Thus various toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, free radicals accumulate as slags and form a sticky layer. More than 2 kilos of poisons can be housed in an adult’s body.


It’s not accidental that overweight people often have problems with the liver, bile, kidneys.


The healthy weight loss relieves congestion with harmful foods – lowers bad fats, salt, sugar, consumes many vegetables, fruits, whole grains. We also add motor activities.


All of this in a complex improves digestion and metabolism, strengthens the release of the unnecessary for the body, including toxins.


More benefits of the healthy weight loss


Healthy weight loss – through balanced nutrition and measured physical load, is undoubtedly associated with better appearance and increased self-esteem.


Here, the feeling of personal success is particularly important here. People who have successfully lost themselves are happy with themselves, and they are able to wipe out complexes that have been worn for years and have interfered with communication.


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In addition to the psychological effect, healthy weight loss significantly improves the physiological state of the body, creating prerequisites for a longer and more complete life.


Losing weight is mostly burning fat. Reduction of fat deposits leads to improvement of body organ function, helps them to recover if there is any problem, improves metabolism, enhances immunity.


Improved activity of organs and systems in the body, on the other hand, slows the aging of cells. It is easier to fight chronic diseases that are common in obesity – diabetes, high blood pressure and more.


Healthy weight loss increases overall energy, raises tone, becomes more vibrant and active, is not breathing and tired as easily as before, increases its working capacity.


Last but not least, the benefits of healthy weight loss are that you create good nutritional and driving habits. With them in time, you can achieve the weight you desire and keep it that way with less efforts.

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