Reasons for obesity and why pills do not help?
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Years in which you built a career, raised children, cared for a home, did a bunch of other things that have affected your figure, and you have not even noticed. Ever hurried, with thousands of things to do, you do not even look at what you eat. Sometimes, passing by a window over a window, you look at yourself for a moment, and you say you’ve gained a bit and soon have to change your lifestyle or look for a weight loss clinic, but you soon forget your promise because you’re too busy doing other “more important” things than to take care of your health and shape… Until it’s too late!

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And it’s late when you have not just hit your shapes, but when your weight is well above normal, and it affects your health. When, entering a store, with a shrunken heart, you reach for ever larger clothes when you start breathing hard when you can not climb a floor without breathing.

Only then will you start to look for solutions, and most often the first thing you think is to try slimming with pills.

You go to the first internet shop or pharmacy and buy the “miracle pills” for which there are so many superlatives and “real stories” that they can not help but act on you … But the miracle does not happen and you ask, “Why?

Weight loss with pills – myth or truth?

Unfortunately, we will disappoint everyone who believes that without a change in lifestyle and nutrition and without physical exercise will lose weight by taking pills.

Weight loss with pills does not help because:

  • accepting such products without changing anything in their daily lives, no matter how effective these pills are, they are magical and have the power to melt the accumulated fat for years in a week or two.
  • every organism is different and the fact that someone you know has lowered 1-2 pounds with pills does not mean that you can also eat burgers, do not move and drink a pill after a pill to lose weight.
  • if you have many pounds to download and the most effective pill will not help you melt the fat effortlessly.
  • the effect (if any) is short-lived, because once you’ve taken the last weight loss pill from your pack and changed nothing in your lifestyle, the pounds are coming back.

And something else…

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In recent years, pill slimming really is very active, but the truth is that these “magic” weight loss pills can harm your health. Each year of production, at least a few similar products are stopped because they have a lot of side effects that harm the body.

Increasingly, the press warns that the use of weight loss products can lead to nervousness, sleeping problems, palpitations, impaired vision, stomach, colon, and other problems.

In most of the supplements advertised as “completely natural”, the dosage and content are not very clear as herbal supplements for weight loss are not regulated and may contain any combination of herbs and additional ingredients that harm the health.

Once weight loss does not help, then how do you overweight?

In fact, the formula is very simple and consists of only two things – balanced nutrition and physical activity.

We know that the more you overweight, the harder it is to change your lifestyle suddenly, but you do not have to do it abruptly.

It is enough to make a decision for yourself and not to give up. The beginning is very difficult, but if you set a goal and you follow it, you will surely succeed.

Instead of trying to lose weight with pills, simply consult a specialist or visit a weight loss clinic.

In specialized clinics, they will take care of your needs by creating an individual diet and physical exercise, from which you will not get exhausted. And most importantly … they will help you lose weight without diets!

Weight loss without diets – is not it just a myth?
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The short answer is “No, it’s not a myth!”

Weight loss without diets is not only possible, but it is also the best you can do for your figure and health!

Everyone, whether overweight, obese or simply needing to lose 4-5 pounds, can lose weight without pills and no diets.

But this can only be achieved through a balanced diet and measured physical load.

Trying to lose weight without diets means that you have chosen a healthy way to lose weight.

What does this mean?

In a healthy way to lose weight, the body does not get rid of the necessary substances, as they are provided by a varied menu and four-course meal to avoid starvation.

Only surpluses that the body has failed to absorb and which have accumulated on the body are eliminated. Such a diet, combined with a selected program of activities – fitness, dancing, calanetics, walking, trekking, can lead to rapid weight loss.

In this way they work in the luxurious LuckyFit in Bansko, applying five weight loss programs without diets, where up to 6% of the weight can be squeezed for a week and up to 8 per cent for two weeks. And with the tips that will give you at this specialized clinic for rest and slimming, in one year you can reduce to 20-30 percent of your weight.

With healthy weight loss, the body does not fall into the stress of gaps that would signal it “that hunger is coming.” Nature has set it up so that if there are such “signals” it seeks a stock-piling regime and there are a number of changes that are certainly not the goal of losing weight.

With healthy weight loss, changes that occur in the body are not stressful and the body adapts easily and quickly naturally. Because they actually “work” in his favor and to improve his functions.

Thus, from weight loss, in addition to the appearance, there are benefits for the organs and systems of the body. There are also psychological benefits.

What are the benefits?

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First of all, it should be mentioned that the metabolism is activated, and the body gradually adjusts to the faster burning of calories.

This is practically related to everything in the body. Metabolism is a string of biochemical reactions to convert substances from the feed taken into energy that is spent on cells – to live and develop. Through this energy, it actually provides all the functions of the body – heart activity, breathing, movement, etc.

The weight loss is related to the poisoning of the body, reducing the bad cholesterol associated with cardiovascular problems, and better regulation of blood sugar.

From the psychological benefits can be mentioned the feeling of happiness. This has a physiological explanation – the release of more endorphins, the hormone of happiness, which helps to overcome a rush in everyday life. The improved appearance of the figure certainly raises self-esteem. The same effect has the sense of success.

Better self-confidence, however, expels complexes and indecisiveness that badly affect the overall development of man. Even obesity is often due to complexes of inferiority and nervousness, experts say.

Once “the car is crashed, there were many other ways” but what are the reasons that lead to obesity?

According to official data, since 1980, the number of people with obesity worldwide has increased more than 2 times and more than 1.5 billion people are overweight. The obese men and women among them are hundreds of millions.

Experts are of the opinion that the main cause of overweight and obesity is the imbalance between the energy the body receives and the energy it consumes – more calories are consumed and less is consumed. This is how the pounds accumulate.

The World Health Organization commented that two things are at the root of this imbalance. The first is the increased consumption of energy-rich foods with lots of fat, sugars and salt, but with few vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients, and the other is a sedentary lifestyle and less movement.

Again, World Health Organization observations show that consumption of these harmful foods – very greasy, salty, sweet, because of the lower price – is typical of poorer public strata.

Dishes in

But here we are not talking about starving people, but about layers for which saving is the norm. Like, for example, this category, which has recently been called the “working poor” in the world, and is a huge part of people.

In practice, the wealthy – they do not necessarily have to be millionaires, they do not think about saving, spend on healthy food, have opportunities for various sports. And they have built sports habits, whether it’s amateur.

Obviously, there are patterns of behavior in which a person enters inertia, influenced by his social environment, social conditions, and so on. However, anyone can individually go out of these patterns and change their way of eating and walking. Enough to ask!


Is there salvation?

Overweight and obesity are a huge problem not only in our country but also in the world, and the reasons that lead to them can be many, but more importantly, you can always lose weight if you really want it.

It’s enough to just change your lifestyle and lose weight healthily without trying to lose weight with pills (who not only do not work but can be dangerous) and without any stressful diets.

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