Why the percentage of fat increaces?
Защо се увеличава процентът на мазнините?


Each one of us wants to look “good”. Up to this date this is matched with words such as – tight, slim, curved and elegant. The world industry largely created the idea for beauty associated with the exquisite, fine and slender body line.  What determines this fact?

Above all, the good appearance is due to the percentage of the body fat.


Look at the picture above the text and determine visually where is the position of your body. It’s easy to determine what do you like and what not. I will only hint that the rate for men is 20% and for women to 30%.

What actually causes the increase in fat tissue and the distancing from the “good” body looks?


Above all we need to know that the fat tissue is everywhere in the human body. She has very serious function – protective, energy, secretory, thermal storing, etc. The fat tissue is around and in the internal organs, and in the periphery of the body – under the skin.

For our appearance the important as a starting point is the one that is located in the outer areas of the body – subcutaneous fat.


What is happening when our metabolism and digestive system work, we breath, drink water etc?


In its daily functioning our body is structured in a way to hold toxic substances..   The billions of cells, of which we are built are something unique in itself.

In the same respect they fail to clear all of the free radicals that are formed due metabolism and energy. This leads to intoxication of the organism as a whole.

Once again, however, nature has found a solution. Although it is expected almost to poison ourselves, this actually doesn’t happen. The solution is the peripheral fat tissue. It is the largest stock of wastes. Thanks to her and the well-organized compensatory mechanisms of physiology, we survive, despite the systematic errors in our lifestyles. The price we pay, however, is increasing the volume of allocated fat, which is the site for dangerous toxins.


Body Fat Percentage

Is it  your choice?


To a great extent we are currently subject to chemical invasion from outside.Besides the toxins that enter with the food, there are some from the air and water. Many years ago the idea of poisons and harmfuls sounded strange and absurd, it is now part of everyday life. The new detoxification methods that are the experience of some people to solve the problem with the toxins, became modern. This puts all of us aliitle bit in a vicious circle – POLLUTION – DETOXIFICATION.


There is a search for many schemes how to reduce this global problem. But so far, almost all decisions go in the direction of commercial purposes – tablets, syrup, diet, machinery, etc. Nothing leads to lasting and permanent effect.


Then is there any exit?


Of course there is. But it is not easy. It is called organized, informed and consistent way of life, with which to minimize the intoxication. Thus slowly and  gradually the storage for poisons will become unnecessary and will disappear.

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