Healthy weight loss through diet and movement
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It’s weekend time. We have a family lunch together which, after a few sweet talks, turns into a dinner. We think we’ve been around the table all day. We decide tomorrow to make a relaxing day. The next day we eat a little, but still we mainly stick to the fruit juices and tea. The next day we are overwhelmed by work and we do not find time to have lunch. When we get back, we compensate for a large amount of food on dinner. But at that time, the body naturally enters a period of rest and cleansing and turns the absorbed nutrients into fat stores…


To eat regularly and balanced every day is a difficult but achievable task. It is useful to think about the importance of proper nutrition for our health and our figure. Experts say regularity and relatively fixed meal times are a crucial factor for losing weight and being in a good shape.


When we miss breakfast, for example, the body goes hungry and, at the next meal, he’s already “in one mind” – that he may soon be again hungry. Thus, the ingested nutrients are stored in the form of fat. In addition to not having to miss a light snack (which can also be a fresh juice), it is recommended to eat every 3-4 hours to avoid this red light signaling the nutrient depletion.


It is considered that the optimal option is to have 3 main and 2 intermediate meals. For this, we can put a basket of fruit in the office; To have lunch or have lunch outside the office, thus taking advantage of the opportunity to “gather our minds” and reload our strength. It’s okay to have something light, 3-4 hours before we go to bed. If later we are very hungry, we can eat a fruit, but again for a while (1 hour) before sleep. Of course, each of us has individual peculiarities and needs, so we need to consult a specialist before starting a particular diet.


Activities in the nature
Activities in the nature


The same applies to the frequency and intensity of the exercises we perform. The results we want to achieve depend on which type of movement we will choose. In order to burn fat, it is necessary to include the so-called cardio workouts in their weekly or daily activity. A workout can be called cardio or aerobic if it increases heart rate, engages all large muscle groups and lasts at least 20 minutes. Examples of such movement are walking, swimming, dynamic exercise, dancing. Not all of these activities are included in the program for healthy weight loss LuckyFit in Bansko!


60 minutes of dancing, for example, burn from 300 to 600 kcal depending on the weight. This type of training works towards healthy weight loss, because for their performance muscles use fat and carbohydrates as fuel. A key role in this process has the ability of the muscles to consume oxygen in the blood. The regularity of training increases this capacity, with muscles becoming more durable and able to burn more calories.

We have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to build proper habits, both in terms of nutrition and movement. According to experts, for weight loss, the change in diet contributes about 70%. The rest depends on the movement, which burns the accepted calories. With balanced nutrition and regular workouts, weight loss can be not only healthy but also natural and enjoyable – without starving or exhaustion!


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