How to lose weight fast without gaining it again
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Aqua complex “Leonardo” | weigh loss center LuckyFit

Does it make sense to lose one kilogram and then quickly to “catch up”, even to add some up? Nope. At the same time, you probably have a lot of friends who are permanently on some diets and annoying periods of weight losing, which in the end, does not seem to work.


If one decides to lose weight, it must be lasting. And to be lasting, we need to talk about a healthy weight loss, combined with the needs and abilities of the particular organism. Otherwise, we disturb it – on top of the tense daily life – with additional “stress tests” and we are confusing his activities.


This slows metabolism, metabolic disturbances, hormonal imbalance, weakening digestive functions. And the “Yo-Yo” effect comes, and the intention of the slender figure goes away.


What are the reasons for overweight? Mainly – poor nutrition and immobilization. In addition, harmful nutrition not only “binds calories” to us, but also leads to accumulation of toxins in the body, which at some point begin to increase the effect of filling.


We all know what is the massive way of eating in our country – chaotic during the day, with uncooked food and overeating in the evening in front of the TV. For the movement everyone knows how much he is active and how many times he likes to walk on instead of getting in the car or taking a taxi – we are the most immobilized nation in Europe!


What is the conclusion? If we want to lose weight, which means permanently, we need to change our habits related to the two main reasons for the extra pounds – the harmful diet and immobilization. The “code combination” is balanced nutrition and motor activity.


This principle is embedded in LuckyFit’s programs, with which it is rapidly weakening without dieting and hunger. For a week in this luxury weight loss and beauty clinic, you’ll lose up to 6 percent of your weight, and in 14 days – up to 8 percent. And while enjoying a luxury break!


And if you follow the advice of the LuckyFit team, you will be able to lose weight by 20 to 30 percent for a year. In fact, you will be able to achieve the desired figure and maintain it.


Dinner at Leonardo restaurant | weight loss center LuckyFit
The participants have dinner at „Leonardo“ restaurant


As mentioned, you should not just lose weight “in general”, but in a way appropriate to your particular organism. That’s why the weight loss in LuckyFit is under medical supervision and in keeping with general condition, age, possibilities.


Based on these peculiarities, there will be tips for you on the daily diet – work, rest, meals, motor activities – after weight loss courses. To participate, you should not have certain illnesses that are listed on the clinic site.


LuckyFit’s engine activity is actually fun. Intensive fitness, calanetics, pilates, yoga classes and Chinese gymnastics, dances – Bulgarian folk and modern, swimming, horseback riding, trekking among the fascinating mountain beauty. Transitions are different in difficulty, again in line with the opportunities of the participants, different slopes and terrain alternate.


The programs are held in the 5-star luxury and comfort of Lucky Bansko Aparthotel and include the procedures of the hotel’s supermodern spa. The SPA package includes healing and relaxing massages, a sauna, a steam bath.


As we have mentioned, weight loss here is without diets and hunger. The food is delicious and varied, but balanced without excess calories. The diet is developed and is under the control of Prof. Bozhidar Popov. He is a prestigious author, not by accident for many years he has been chairman of the Bulgarian Scientific Society of Nutrition and Dietetics.


Did you decide how to lose weight fast without gaining it again?

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