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Over the last decades, the detoxification of the organism has become an indispensable part of our lives, and this is not a whim or some kind of fashion trend. It must be done! We just have to take care of our bodies if we don’t want to feel bad, sick or without any energy.

We live in a world in which the air is polluted, the food that we eat is full of enhanceners, preservatives, colorants and a bunch of Е, and the way our daily life passes is very different compared to the tranquil life that our ancestors had.

All these toxins that enter our bodies either with food, through our harmful habits, the air we breathe, accumulate day after day until our internal „cleansing system”(liver, skin, bile, kidneys) can‘t deal with them on its own.

The accumulated harmful substances and heavy metals weaken our immune system, making us more susceptible to chronic and generative diseases and even affect our weight.

Detoxification with herbs is one of the most effective and natural ways for cleansing of the organism that can be applied at home.

Nature has given us plenty of herbs and each one of them has healing properties that help us deal with various diseases. However, there are some herbs which, apart from their healing properties, have the ability to find, combine and remove the toxins that are accumulated in our bodies.

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10 herbs that remove the harmful substances accumulated in our organism

Burdock roots

The burdock roots contain fructo-oligosaccharides that help to remove the bacterial pathogens which are accumulated in hte intestines. The burdock is like „Mister Proper” for blood purification, because its roots contain high levels of magnesium, folic acid, vitamins Е, С and others. The herb is also diuretic, helps to get toxins out of the blood, improves the function of the adrenal gland and balances the levels of blood sugar.

The only unpleasant thing in connection to the burdock root, when we speak about detoxification with herbs, it its taste and most of the people don’t like it. But we put it first, because this herb really has incredible detoxifying effect, and its taste can be improved very easily if you add some lemon juice to the tea or potion.


An extremely useful herb that helps to protect healthy cells of the liver from inflammations and injuries, which the free radicals can cause. The herb provides vital substances for the liver and helps it to eliminate the toxins and metabolic residues.

The thistle is also a powerful antioxidant, regulates the blood sugar levels, also improves the function of the bile and the work of the urinary and digestive systems.

Red clover

This herb helps to eliminate the harmful waste from the blood, thus improves the detoxification. Moreover, it takes care for the lymphatic system, destroying and removing toxins accumulated in it through the sweat, stimulates the function of the bile and liver, and it is one of the strongest herbs purifying the entire organism from chemical toxicity and heavy metals.


When it comes to detoxification with herbs, the dandelion ranks among the champions and this has a very logical explanation. Dandelion is one of the few plants where all parts (colors, leaves, roots) can be used for detox of the body.

The colors of the little yellow flower contain high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids that are great for the liver function and for the regeneration of cells.

The leaves of the herb have a diuretic effect and are a good source of vitamins А, В, С, as its roots cleanse the liver and improve the function of the bile, helping the toxins to be removed out of the body.

Dandelion also has hydrating, laxative and stimulating effect on the digestive system.


The thyme is an excellent detoxifying agent that helps digestion. One cup of thyme tea per day reduces the problems with bloated stomach and soothes the nerves. Moreover, the herb improves the function of the liver and of the bile. The detoxifying effect of the thyme can be boosted by preparing a tea with equal parts of thyme and lemon.

Strawberry leaves

Strawberry leaves are able to eliminate toxins that are accumulated in the body and reduce the uric acids levels. The cleansing effect of the strawberry leaves can be increased if you mix equal parts strawberry leaves, mint leaves and blueberry leaves and make tea. Just remember that the strawberry leaves have very strong diuretic effect and it is not good to drink more than one cup of tea per day.


Neem or „Indian lilac” is a herb that has powerful antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, so experts recommend to be included in the list of herbs suitable for detox.

This herb is able to purify the blood from metabolic waste, helping the blood to transport the oxygen and the main essential nutrients to the different parts of the body, so that all organs work properly.


Another natural remedy that is very effective for herbal detoxification. Eucalyptus has expectorant properties and helps to fight viruses and bacteria. Moreover, helps to purify the lungs, sinuses and upper respiratory tract.


This herb serves as a powerful agent that helps the organism to get rid of the accumulated heavy metals. Unlike the burdock root that, as we mentioned, is not liked by people because of its taste, the coriander is very popular and it is used not only for detox but also for preparation of various dishes.

The herb contains natural detoxifying substances which have the ability to find and remove the toxins out of the body.

It has cleansing effect on the liver, bile and improves the digestive processes, and this is very important with regard to the detoxification of the body.


The nettle maintains the kidney function, it is effective also for the elimination of harmful waste accumulated in the organism, maintains the blood pressure levels within normal ranges, and it is a great antioxidant.

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When it is the best time for herbal detoxification?

Herbal teas, potions and tinctures are always useful, so you can cleanse your organism when you want to, but experts recommend that there are two periods during which the detox will bring you the most benefits:

  • Early spring –the body activates in this period, after the long winter period in which the movement has been limited, and the calorie intake was high. In winter, the organism has accumulated many harmful toxins that it is good to lose during the spring.
  • Beginning of autumn – the detoxification with herbs in the beginning of this season prepares the body for the upcoming winter season, strengthens the immune system and protects from the „traditional” seasonal viral diseases.

Benefits of detoxification

Benefits for the organism

The benefits of body detoxification are most visible because cleansing works on all levels and on all organs and tissues in the human body. When the detox is over, man feels lighter, free and full of energy.

Benefits for the mind

Free radicals and toxins that are accumulated in the organism, affect not only individual organs, but the brain functions, which often leads to chronic tiredness, insomnia, lack of concentration, anxiety, nervousness, even depression. After completion of the detoxification regimen with herbs, these conditions gradually disappear and the human’s mind starts working better.

Benefits for the appearance

Even if you are not obsessed with your looks, after the detoxification you will feel that the interest towards you will be increased. Cleansing process not only helps the body to deal with toxins, but also degrades accumulated fatty deposits, cleans the skin, reduces cellulite, copes with swollen ankles, improves the function of intestines and brings back self-esteem.

All this means that after the detox you will not only look more fresh and young, but you will be few pounds lighter. In addition to the fact that you will like your body more, you will feel better in your own skin, also you won’t be nervous about small things, so the benefits of the detox for your looks are worth trying it at least once by participating in a detox program.

The herbal detoxification is a great, entirely natural way to cleanse your body, but you shouldn‘t forget that if you want to always be in a good shape you have to change your nutritional regimen.

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How to increase even more the effectiveness of the detox?

Consume fresh and clean foods

One of the main reasons for accumulation of toxins in the body is the consumption of unhealthy foods. When we say “unhealthy foods” we mean very salty, fatty, refined, processed foods. If you want to purify your organism really well and effectively, then just reduce to minimum the intake of such foods and increase the consumption of organic fruits and vegetables.

Drink plenty of water

One of the best ways for detoxification of the body is water. Water is not only vital for our survival, but it is also a powerful antioxidant having the ability to remove out of the body all harmful substances that are accumulated in the organism. Moreover, water improves the look of the skin and helps to lose weight.

Include exercises in your detox regimen

Even something simple like walking more or climbing stairs, instead using the elevator, will help you not only with the detoxification, but for the good shape