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Gaining weight and getting sick


Overweight and obesity are a socially significant problem. Excessive obesity leads to a number of diseases. First of all, there are cardiovascular diseases – high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks. Very common people may experience heart failure, they get tired easily, they get panting, and in light movements their vital activity is severely restricted. Obesity, which leads to overweight, is already becoming a disease process.


Any significant weight gain also risks for joints and bones, some cancers, such as the colon, and others. To this, the psychological problems are added because of the visible gain, the illness, the limited social life.


All this leads to disability. It is a big personal problem for patients with high weight gain, people with many extra pounds suffer more and live less than those of normal weight.


In addition to being a personal drama, excessive crowding in the population is also a public problem because it also has a negative economic effect – loss of working days, the payment of expensive treatments and benefits. According to official data, some 7% of the total health costs of some developed countries are intended to treat the effects of disease-enhancing.


Bulgaria – leads Europe in overweight and obesity


The worrying thing about Bulgaria is that it is the leading country in Europe of overweight and obesity. In Europe about 50% of people are overweight, and overweight in our country is 63% for men. The percentage for women in our country is 46%. The data covers people of the working age.


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The reasons can be seen in the results of a study by the Center for Public Health: Bulgaria consumes well above the daily levels of salt, sugar and fat and 70% of people do not exercise. Especially immobilized are people working in offices in offices with working hours of 9 to 17 hours and more. They are more at risk of obesity.


A “Eurobarometer” survey shows that Bulgaria is the last in Europe in the number of sportsmen in clubs or sports centers, and there are virtually no sport clubs where people live.


In addition, in our country is the highest percentage of over 80 – people who do not participate in volunteer sports programs. The country is also the last place in sports for health. For the EU the average rate is 61%, and in our country – 35%.


Every third child in first grade is overweight


Children also get alarming data. According to an analysis by the Ministry of Health, over 30% of children in the first grade are overweight and about 14% are obese. In children under 5 years 8% are overweight and 10.8% are overweight. Obesity is 2.8%.


According to a national survey, the physical activity of 35% of the children in Bulgaria is less than two days a week, which is very little for a growing person. The study of the Public Health Center and the Pediatrics Department of the Sofia Medical University.


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The data shows that 48% of children spend more than 3 hours a day in front of the TV. This should be summed up by sitting at school – an average of 4 hours a day. Plus four more hours for homework. This gives more than 10 hours of immobility per day. Over the weekends, 80% of children spend more than 3 hours a day at the TV and computer.


It should also be noted that physical education at school is weak and rather formal. There are only three sports disciplines – games, athletics and gymnastics – as compulsory sports activities in the curriculum. In the EU as a whole, swimming is also mandatory in many sporting activities, and in the French capital, for example, in Paris, for example, there are more than 60 free mass sports – football, tennis, basketball, handball, etc.


To this we add oatmeal, salami and meat in various sandwiches, fried, sweetened beverages, a large breakfast of cereals with a high content of carbohydrates and sugars, candies, salty chips, and so on. – foods that children eat excessively instead of healthy fruits and vegetables.


Reasons for unhealthy weight gains


The main reasons (but not the only ones) for excessive weight gain are that we eat more energy than the body needs, it does not consume it, and the calories that we take on the body.


In fact, in the most common case, eating is not rhythmic and balanced, but chaotic – when it happens during the day, with uncooked food, which usually ends in overeating, because people do not feel when they are saturated. In today’s very limited physical work and activity, this naturally leads to gain.


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But there are other reasons that are related to the overall lifestyle. Among them is the wrong mode of combining work with complete rest and so massive stress in everyday life.


If a person is not asleep, the body goes into a stressful mode as a coming danger, and begins to “insure an emergency situation”, accumulating substances and calories for energy, and slowing metabolism. Here a role begins to play the stress that people are today subjected to because of financial problems, tasks and responsibilities in everyday life.


Stressed people need more food to fight the body with their fatigue and general failing status. They are intuitively directed to sweet foods for faster and more energy. In this way, they provide a calming effect of the increased serotonin hormone, but this is a temporary effect, but leads to weight gain.


There may also be medical reasons that need to be checked with the GP. For example, there are medications that lead to obesity, which is strictly individual.


There are also diseases that lead to obesity, such as problems with thyroid function, which slow down the metabolism and increase of weight.


At first glance, it sounds absurd, but it can also be gained because of insufficient food. The explanation is that if a person is constantly confined, he periodically “forgets everything” and overeats. Similarly, when we are totally deprived of carbohydrate foods – lowering them in the body raises the level of the hormone, “responsible” for the sense of satiety, which enhances appetite.


Country policy about sports


The problem is so massive and serious that in recent years the state has embarked on a purposeful mass sports policy. A concept was created for the year 2022 that will unite the efforts of the sports ministry, education, municipalities, sports clubs and federations. In this concept, the nation will face the general problem of low physical activity that poses a risk to the health of the population at all ages.


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There are programs for mass sports, swimming for children, for adults and for disabled people. The fight against immobilisation is carried out by the bodies of the sports ministry established by the regions, formed local public councils and municipal programs. It is true that in recent times cities have been built for street sports, municipal terrains, and schools have begun to play football, basketball, volleyball.


Healthy weight loss


The body needs various minerals, vitamins and nutrients to get the energy it needs for existence and development. They are obtained through food, and therefore it must be varied. If a person decides to lose weight, he / she must apply healthy weight loss, with enough food, preserving the principle of its diversity.


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Deprivation of whole food groups is not a healthy weight loss because it puts the body under stress and usually weakens for a short time, then the weight is quickly returned, and the health has not improved, and may even have worsened.


It should be stressed that in the case of healthy weight loss there is no loss of muscle mass. In healthy weight loss the tone does not fall, the protective forces of the body are preserved. In healthy weight loss, metabolism is activated, the body more easily accepts changes and does not get stressed. Avoid sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels, activate energy levels.


And something very important – in healthy weight loss, besides having health benefits, one increases self-esteem and self-esteem, which helps him to activate his social life.


Healthy weight loss means to lose weight in order to reach the desired weight and keep it that way permanently. In addition, in a healthy weight loss, a person controls their eating habits and builds a proper lifestyle regime.


Fast weight loss


It is not true that healthy weight loss is slow. With a proper combination of nutrition and movement, rapid weight loss can be achieved. In the luxury clinic – weight loss center LuckyFit in Bansko, which is specializing in getting people fit, fast weight loss is easily achieved – 6% of weight is removed only in a week.

For two weeks fast weight loss, a person reduces up to 8 percent of his weight. This rapid weight loss is a healthy method, without hunger and diets, is applied while the guests are on vacation in the five-star Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax Hotel. The effect of rapid weight loss is accompanied by anti-stress and detox effects.


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The fast weight loss can then be continued to the desired kilograms of the lifestyle model that the participants receive and the weight loss to last. For a year, up to 30% of the weight can be removed.


When it comes to quick weight loss in healthy methods, the right balance of nutrition and physical activity should be judged according to the general physical condition, age, and abilities of the individual. Therefore, in order to get a good effect when resorting to rapid weight loss, it is good to be under medical assessment and control.


It is good to distribute the meal 4 times a day, and the food should be varied and tasty, but low-calorie and balanced. It is recommended that the personalized menu be made up of a specialist to add live water and fresh juice to it.


Physical burdens of rapid weight loss should also be tailored to the person’s abilities to be healthy and safe. Therefore, they should be assigned by a specialist. Activities should include fun, varied, alternate in both difficulty and load of different muscles. Thus, in rapid weight loss, muscle mass is formed and fat is melted. This contributes to improving tone and physical endurance and, ultimately, to improved health.

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