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What is detoxification?

Toxins in the body are not something new – they have always been present, because they are part of the process of metabolism: the liver processes them, as useful substances are absorbed, while the unnecessary ones are released through the intestines and the kidneys, through the skin when sweating, through the lungs when breathing. When, however, toxins areexcessive, which is normal in the modern world, digestion is disturbed, so minerals and antioxidants are insufficient, the liver can’t perform properly his work as”processing laboratory” of the organism. A number of other functions related to removal of waste products are also disturbed.

Toxins themselves, if not neutralized and eliminated, damage the cells and confuse the normal function of tissues and various organs. Problems related to accumulation of toxins affect maily the propulation of the big cities because of the exposure to industrial pollution, unbalanced diet and stress.

In fact, detoxification is a way to activate the systems of the body in order to work better and eliminate as many toxins as possible from the organism. This includes a special diet that is individual for every person according to his condition, sports activity and various additional procedures, for example, cosmetic procedures for hair and skin.

At the discretion of the experts, the detox may be complete /for the entire body/ or local /for a specific organ/ –skin, thyroid, blood, lymph, liver. The duration may vary, but the longer the better, because the cleansing effects will be more significant.

The diet can include different components – fresh juices from vegetables and fruits, herbal teas, purees from fruits and vegetables, plant potions, selected solid foods. The choice of the type and duration of the detox should be consulted with a doctor because the metabolic processes are generally the basis of health, so if the wrong option is chosen, the damages can be serious. In addition, diseases such as colitis, gastritis, rheumatism, arthrosis, diabetes, various cardiac diseases requirespecial diets.

In general, the restricted products during detoxification include sugar and salt, tobacco, alcohol, hot spices, refined or highly processed products. You should start the detox regime gradually, so at least a month before the beginning is good to start limiting the harmful products that the specialist will specify. It is recommended to stop sugar and salt at least two weeks before the beginning of the scheduled detoxification.

Rice and oats in detox diets

Detox diets are many and varied, and gruels are among the most used foods for that purpose along with fruits and vegetables. By themselves the various detox gruels are easily digestible and they are good for the digestion process.In addition, the oatmeal and rice gruels, for example, are recommended for the cleansing from toxins. Oats consists of 10% polysaccharide, which stimulates the detox and normalizes the gastrointestinal tract. Rice is also useful for the liver.


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Oatmeal is usually consumed at breakfast, it is useful for metabolic processes in the body and normalized the function of the intestines. It is recommended to consume, oatmeal with fruits every morning, not only during a detox diet,but also as part of the healthy lifestyle. The oatmeal contains trace elements, fiber, vitamins, which strengthens the immune system of the organism, it helps to eliminate the accumulated slags, free radicals, salts, and is also very satiating. This dish is easy to prepare.

You can soak five tablespoons of the oats and leave them for the night, as the water should be 5 centimeters above them in the bowl. Warm the oats in the morning, but do not leave it to boil and it is ready for consumption. You can use some honey to make it sweeter.

In turn, rice is extremely rich in complex carbohydrates. In dry form their content reaches 70 per cent and they are very good for the muscle mass.

Vitamins of the B group help to better cope with stress, they improve energy tone, activate memory, have positive effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system and metabolism. The rice is almost salt-free, does not contain gluten, the grains consist of 7-8% of proteins and this makes it perfect for the diet of people suffering from allergies.

Rice is recommended even for cancer prophylaxis because of its high content of fiber and starch, as they normalize the functions of the stomach and intestines. The rice is also very satiating, just like oats. Rice can be consumed three times a day in the detox diet- 100 grams for breakfast and lunch, and 50 grams for dinner. The rice is cooked, in the morning you can consume it with a glass of kefir and yoghurt – low-fat. Natural honey is also allowed. During the day you can add to the rice 100 grams of low-fat meat – fish,chicken, cooked without oil.

The dinner includes vegetables, as they can be steamed, and someplant oil can be added.


Types of diets for detoxification

Detox diets are varied, but several types can be mentioned. There are diets only on water, only on lemon water, with maple syrup and added hot pepper, on juices and teas, but there are many disputes regarding these diets, because there is no restoration process of the intestinal flora. During some of these diets, people take minerals, fiber and probiotics.

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Water fasting, for example, is difficult for many people especially if they practice it for the first time. Such experiments, if performed by people that aren’t prepared, can lead to severe health problems. The diet on lemon juice, for example, cleansing process irritates the bowels due to the lack of fiber and food, so the harmful substances can be reabsorbed in the surface of the tissues. In the course of such detoxification there is no restoration process of the intestinal micro flor aand its walls.

In the semi-liquid diet besides juices, detox gruels are also consumed. Food supplements and special products of plant origin are also used for body cleansing, as they play anti-parasitic role and supply the body with the substances required for the detox. They are combined with a diet on fruits and vegetables, and usually this type of diet is short-term.

High doses eliminate the harmful intestinal slags, parasites, they also stimulate the functions of the kidneys, liver and promote good digestion. There are options with prepared cocktails instead of capsules, as they are made of natural ingredients with a protein role.

Another option is the combined diet with solid and liquid foods. Foods that are difficult to degrade should be avoided, and the diet includes simple and fresh natural products that act as antioxidants against acidity and inflammations. All this diversity allows a person, following the required medical examinations and consultation with specialists, to select the detox diet that is the most adequate for his condition.