Fast 1-Week Weight Loss Diet
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What should we do to lose kilos quickly and healthily? 

Most of us think that weight loss should be related to torture such as hunger, exhausting workouts, taking special “miracle” supplements, but this is not the case at all. Hunger only exhausts our body, destroys our metabolism, and moves us away from the dream body rather than helping us lose weight. Depriving the body of the necessary nutrients for its normal functioning forces it into a power saving mode.

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Keeping a strict diet more than once a month is harmful to health and should be avoided. One of the healthy things that nutritionists advise us to do is to eat frequently and little. This stimulates metabolism and at the same time gives us a feeling of satiety and lightness in the stomach throughout the day.

An inseparable and important part of weight loss is undoubtedly the inclusion of more movement in our everyday life. We need to burn more calories than we consume and we have to eat so that these calories come from natural food.

What is the 1-week diet like?

A good looking figure is something we all dream for, but it is not always easy to find a weight loss method that works effectively for our body type. The 1-week healthy diet, for example, is an attractive option for those of us who want to lose weight quickly and effectively (and they are certainly many).

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Although 7 days are a short period of time, to lose weight for so short a period is quite possible. The question, however, is whether the result will be long lasting and safe for our health. Most of you probably know that after the end of the diet, it is not desirable to throw ourselves at our favorite high calorie foods, since we can easily regain even double the lost weight.

Experts advise limiting daily calorie intake to 1,050-1,250 calories, combined with one-hour physical activity every day, and it is not recommended to take less of that amount of calories. This diet ensures losing up to 1-2 kg of the total weight per week, but it is only recommended for overweight people.

Here is the diet:

Day 1:

Breakfast: a cup of tea, 1 slice of rye bread with cream cheese, a piece of grapefruit

Lunch: omelette with spinach, a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers and a slice of rye bread

Dinner: 300-500 g fish or red meat with a large vegetable salad with olive oil of choice

Day 2:

Breakfast: a cup of tea, 1 slice of rye bread with a piece of turkey and a slice of tomato, a piece of apple

Lunch: omelette with a green salad with olive oil and a bowl of whole grain rice

Dinner: 300-500 g chicken with steamed vegetables

Day 3:

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, a slice of whole grain bread, a piece of grapefruit

Lunch: 2 boiled potatoes, 300 g chicken steak, a lettuce salad with olive oil

Dinner: 500 g fish and a large vegetable salad of choice

Day 4:

Breakfast: a bowl of oatmeal with about half a yak of yogurt of 1% fat, 1 tsp. honey, a piece of apple, a cup of tea

Lunch: 200-300 g baked fish with a green salad with olive oil and mashed potatoes

Dinner: 300 g chicken breast with stewed vegetables of choice

Day 5:

Breakfast: 1 slice of rye bread, 1 egg, a slice of avocado, a slice of grapefruit, a cup of tea

Lunch: a salad of tomatos and cucumbers and 200 g turkey ham

Dinner: a large vegetable salad with grated carrots with olive oil and 200 g fish on the grill

Day 6:

Breakfast: a bowl of low-fat curd, 1 egg, 1 slice of rye bread, a bunch of blueberries or an apple, a cup of tea

Lunch: a cup of boiled brown rice, omelette with onion, spinach and peppers

Dinner: 300-500 g boiled chicken or veal with a lettuce green salad flavored with olive oil

Day 7:

Breakfast: a bowl of oatmeal with a little dried fruit and skimmed yogurt

Lunch: two medium sized boiled potatoes, 200 g baked fish and a portion of roasted vegetables

Dinner: 300-500 g chicken fillet with a portion of steamed vegetables

  • Regular drinking of water or tea during the day is a must.
  • You can drink coffee, but only if it is without sugar, milk or cream.
  • For a snack, you can have 1 green apple or a fresh carrot juice.

As already mentioned, this diet is suitable for overweight people. It is important to mention the fact that at the beginning of the process of weight loss, the body tends to throw out more water, since most of our body consists precisely of it. Moreover, when we lose weight, we lose not only fat, but also muscle mass along with it.

For example, a number of studies have shown that while losing weight, one loses an average of 75% fat and 25% muscle. Here, however, the question arises whether it is healthy to lose weight so quickly and what the possible health damage can be.

Is it healthy for the body to lose weight in 7 days?

Too fast weight loss may cause the skin to hang, since the skin will not be able to shrink so quickly according to the shape of the new figure. Furthermore, fast and unhealthy weight loss makes the skin and hair dry and devoid of shine, and the nails thin and fragile, as we thus deprive our body of its vital substances.

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Therefore, healthy weight loss should be complied with the natural processes in the body. Too often subjecting to rigorous diets with a drastic reduction in calories not only puts stress on our body but also has negative consequences for our overall health.

Studies show that another disadvantage of the extremely fast loss of many kilograms is the incidence of gallstones as well as impaired kidney function. In people who lose weight very quickly, the risk of creation of gallstones is much higher than in people who choose gradual and slow weight loss.

It is important to emphasize that each body is individual and the results of any diet may vary and what works with one may not work with another. Weight loss does not happen at the same rate in all people, so the results most diets promise may vary. Everyone loses weight at different speeds and let‘s not forget that the speed of weight loss depends on a number of factors. These are, for example, starting weight, general health condition, metabolic rate, genetic predisposition to obesity, presence of stress, certain health problems. On average, the body naturally loses 0.5 kilograms per week and 2 kilograms per month.

The conclusion is that slower weight loss is a better option for the body, since that way the mechanisms in our body have the ability to adapt to the new diet and lifestyle. If we lose a lot of weight very quickly in an unhealthy way, the likelihood of regaining it is very high.