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With the LuckyFit programs you will get an easy and quick weight loss, while at the same time relaxing on a comfortable holiday in a five star hotel.


In one week you will burn up to 6% of your weight, and in 14 days it will go up to 8%.


This will be a healthy weight loss without dieting and starvation because of the special methodology of LuckyFit – the luxury clinic in Bansko for slimming procedures – will purify your body as well as beautify and rejuvenate your skin.


Equally important, however, is to aim for permanent results so you don’t gain the weight back at equal speed. LuckyFit will provide you with a “model” how to reach the desired weight and keep it that way. But you must do something in advance.


You have to realize what leads to the weight gaining on the first place. Our food regime is chaotic – we need to think twice to remember how much times today we had a quick meal “on the go”, on our desk, between meetings, etc.


Also what food we select – usually “fast food”, sandwiches or some snacks that are extremely greasy. In the evening we do not consider the overeating in front of the TV or even worse – going to the refrigerator at night…


So in the end, we stuck food in our body which it does not really need for energy. Moreover, we don’t move enough these days – the recent comparative analyzes show that Bulgaria is leading in the list of the most immobilized nations. As we go up the overweight list too.


LuckyFit will show you how to change the habits that lead you to obesity. When you apply in practice every knowledge from our lectures, part of the program, you will understand how to build your individual plan and follow it strictly so you do not gain weight again.
The basic program is LuckyFit Standard. It is a combination of various and tasty, but balanced at the same time, healthy menu with physical activity according to your own abilities.


The program goes under medical supervision and you must not suffer already from serious diseases. The clinic has a list with all diseases that can prevent you from joining. For some cases there may be an exception but only after consulting the team at LuckyFit.


The diet consists of 4 meals a day with low calorie foods and is controlled by prof. Bozhidar Popov. Every day you will be taking zeolite and live water.


Yoga for health
Yoga for health in the program


The activities are actually fun – dancing with an instructor, fitness, gymnastics, swimming pool, sauna, horseback riding, trips, also hiking in the mountains with selected difficulty.


In fact, everything is carefully selected, there are no lucky guesses here. During hiking, as an example, there are alternate terrains depending on your possibilities. Each activity is combined with others to load the muscles and your body’s energy consumption.


With additional procedures to LuckyFit Standard you can focus on the anti-stress effect or on the cosmetic effect for good skin and against cellulite, as well as muscle relaxation – there are five programs in total.


They are performed in Lucky Bansko Aparthotel and as mentioned – in a 5-star luxury and comfort.


You already know how to lose weight fast, healthy and permanently – with LuckyFit!


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