Quick weight loss – myth or reality?
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According to data released by the World Health Organization, one-third of the planet’s population suffers from obesity or overweight. The data also makes it clear that from 1980 to 2014 people with obesity have doubled.


Currently overweight are more than 1.9 billion people over the age of 18, and more than 600 million suffer from obesity, with the number of people with weight problems spraying upward.


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What is the situation in Bulgaria?


The Bulgarian Association for the Study of Obesity (BASORD) warns that we are rising fast in the ranking of overweight nations. According to the agency, every fourth Bulgarian is overweight, which is extremely worrying. Our country also ranks fifth in Europe in childhood obesity. Over 224,000 children under 18 have weight problems.



What are the causes of obesity?


According to nutritionists, one of the main reasons for overweight is the energy imbalance. In other words, the calories we take daily exceed the calorie needs of the body. Adding to the increased consumption of fatty, sweet foods, carbonated and sweetened drinks and fast food, staying with the TV or computer, the urban environment in which we live, it is clear why, if we do not take action, very soon the Earth will be populated by people with poor health And overweight, according to the World Health Organization.


Consequences of overweight


The consequences can be many and none is very pleasant. And it’s not just about what we look like. The problem is much deeper and the appearance is the slightest thing we have to worry about. Overweight results in various illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, atherosclerosis, bone and muscular problems, disorders of the excretory system, metabolic disorders.


How do you handle the pounds?


At the beginning of each change, whether it is weight loss or not, is your personal decision to achieve this change. If you are not determined to lose weight, whatever procedures and diets you submit, the result is not positive.


Diet, but not at all costs


All diets can be found on the Internet and it is understandable to want to try the most drastic ones to lose weight fast but do not. Testing any foolish diet can harm you instead of helping you. The desire to lose weight is commendable, but if you want to lose weight healthily and quickly, you better get into the hands of Lucky Fit weight loss clinicians instead of testing any diet that you read on the web.


Realistic goals give the best results


The best way to lose weight is not to “raise” the bar too high. Do not aim to lose 25 pounds of weight for a week or two, as this is a goal you can not achieve and failure will badly affect your motivation. Start with small steps, and when you reach the goal, you will be asked to continue in that direction.


Change in nutrition – yes, but smoothly and gradually


If yesterday your menu consisted mainly of fat, oily or sweet foods and you suddenly changed your diet and started eating only cabbage and carrots, your body will soon make you stand in the middle of the night and empty the refrigerator. That’s why you change your diet without sudden changes and smooth.


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Water – a lot and all day long


Water helps the body in many ways. By taking 1-2 liters of water a day, you will throw out the accumulated toxins in your body, take care of the skin of your face and speed up your metabolism.


Movement – the more, the more


You do not have to spend all day in the gym. It is just enough to start walking more, going out to nature, finding physical activities that please you.


Lose weight only for your sake


It is important that you feel good, not how others perceive you. Never start weight loss just to like someone else. Losing weight will only bring you satisfaction if you like yourself in your own body.


These tips are good, but we are sure that most of you are asking, “Can I lose weight fast or is it just a myth?”


Various opinions are circulating in the media as to whether or not it is possible (and how healthy) to quickly lose weight. In almost all sites, we can see a variety of diets for fast weight loss, a number of pharmaceutical companies flood us with ads for miracle pills, sprays, teas, fitness instructors advise us how we will lose weight in the course of a few pounds.


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The truth is out there…


Myth # 1


Small but permanent changes in diet in combination with exercise or 20-minute walking per day will result in significant and lasting weight loss.


* Reality


The 3500 calorie rule says that for every 3500 calories that you consume over the amount you use, you are accumulating about 500 grams of fat and vice versa – if you burn 3500 calories more than you have taken, you will take down 500 grams. Therefore, to lose weight a few pounds you will need years.


Myth # 2


Rapid weight loss results in worse results in the long run compared to gradual and prolonged weight loss.


* Reality


Studies conducted in specialized weight loss clinics have shown that patients have not increased or regained their weight one year after the rapid weight loss program.


Myth # 3


With fasting or taking only fluids, you may lose weight fast.


* Reality


Hunger is the worst possible solution that can get you through the mind at all and get it. You will achieve nothing but get sick. If you lose 1-2 pounds, then they will be from the water accumulated in your body, and the fat will remain. The moment you start eating normally, you will restore the weight.


Myth # 4


Fast weight loss is achieved only with long, regular and heavy workouts.


* Reality


Well try, but from now on you know the effect will be zero if you do not change anything in your diet and you only train. In order for the training to take effect, you will have to make some more effort and change your diet.


Myth # 5


Faster losing weight with… sex.


* Reality


Unfortunately, the calories you will burn during sex will not help you lose weight. (Do not be afraid of this news and try, at least, it will not hurt you)


And after all, is there such a thing as fast, healthy and without yo-yo effect weight loss?


The answer we are going to give can surprise many skeptics, but …


There are ways to lose weight quicker and quicker, but only if you do not try to put yourself in the role of experimental bunny and do not try any quick weight loss ways that you read in the magazines or which your girlfriends advertise on a cup of coffee and chit-chat.


If you really want to lose weight fast and keep your weight, a good solution would be to look for specialized clinics such as the Lucky Fit Weight Loss Clinic, where doctors and nutritionists will take care of you who will daily control your diet and teach you how, after you go home, to eat balanced and healthy.


Why is fast weight loss possible in specialized clinics and is it so difficult to achieve if you are trying to lose pounds by yourself?


At the beginning, we mentioned that the rate of increase in overweight people is going very fast and today (unfortunately) 40% of the planet’s population is overweight.


The reasons are many, and even worse, they are complex. The fact that we do not move, do not eat fully and balanced, we are predisposed to gaining weight, we are constantly in distress, we live in huge megacities, all this affects not only our physics but also our health.


In your attempts to lose weight yourself and without consulting with specialists, you are not aware of what exactly is the cause that has led to weight gain. The diets that you make and which are not controlled by medical people do not give good results, especially if you want to lose weight quickly.


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And how can they help in weight loss clinics?


In the fight against obesity, in weight loss clinics the first thing they do is to assess your health. This is imperative, as only professionals can understand the factors that interfere with your metabolism. By identifying the problem, it is much easier to determine the calories you need to take, the physical load that will benefit you, the foods you can eat and which will help you lose weight quickly and safely.


Fast weight loss – myth or reality


Rapid weight loss in a controlled environment is completely safe and produces very good results just because you care for people who do not miss the slightest detail and watch for your progress in weight loss.


Combating overweight is difficult, but if you have the will and will to change it is possible to cope and get into shape quickly and without grueling diets and fasting. The rest is a matter of choice – whether to try yourself or trust the Lucky Fit Weight Loss Clinic.

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