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There has been so much talk about detoxification in the recent years and about why it is so good for our health, that we are sure you are fully aware of why a detox of the organism should be done regularly.

That is why here we won’t make clarifications with regard to the unhealthy foods we eat and the polluted environment we live in, as well as the importance of regular cleansing of the liver, kidneys and gall-bladder, so we move on to an issue that we are sure is interesting to those of you who are aware of the benefits of the cleansing, but you aren’t sure how often to do it and how exactly.

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How often to perform a detoxification?

Now we will surprise some of you who have read that detox should be performed two to four times a year, and we will tell you that you can make the detoxification whenever you feel need for cleansing.

And how to know for sure that you need a detox:

  • You feel tired (even if you have gone to bed on time);
  • You have constipation;
  • You have lost desire to have fun and you feel depressed;
  • Shadows or bags appear under the eyes;
  • You cannot concentrate on anything for a long time;
  • Allergies appear;
  • Skin problems occur;
  • You often suffer from headache, muscle pain, problems with sleep, or suddenly you start gaining weight.

These are some of the main symptoms, which show you that your body has a problem and you need to take care of it.

The detox programs, which are applied twice or four times a year, are definitely very effective, but they are pretty strict and extended and not everyone can deal with them. Usually they last from 7 to 14 days, and most people cannot complete them fully, especially if they try to do it on their own.

That is why the nutritionists encourage also the practice of detox for a shorter period and in different periods, before you try detox of the organism for one week or for two weeks.

How often do detoxification take place for shorter periods of time?


This is the easiest way to assist the body’s cleansing system, because you don’t have to do anything more than not to eat after sunset. This gives the opportunity of your internal organs to relax, detoxify and rejuvenate.

It has been scientifically proven that from 22.00 to 2.00 a.m., the liver begins its daily cycle of cleansing, and it releases more antioxidants and glutathione, and we all know that the glutathione is the „mother” of all antioxidants and is a major detoxifier and protector of the immune system.

The effect of the daily detox is slower but, on the other hand, if you practice it you will have significant benefits, as some of the main are gradual weight loss and change in the way you eat.


The daily cleansing can be something like a stepping-stone to the more serious weekly cleansing, which requires one day a week to practice detoxification only with water, tea and fresh juices.  

The weekly cleansing provides rest to the digestive system and it has beneficial effect on the organism (as well as on the metabolism). If you combine it with a visit to the sauna where you can eliminate toxins through the skin, the effect will be even greater.


The monthly detoxification takes place once a month for one or two days and is a very effective way to increase your tone and to lose 1 – 2 kilograms. Choose a weekend of the month, when you don’t consume any processed or refined foods, animal and dairy products, coffee, supplements and preservatives. Instead, you consume more water, fresh salads, fruits and juices.

If you can’t be on this diet, consuming only juices and salads, you can eat broccoli, cabbage, artichoke and other stewed vegetables.

If you feel the need to give rest to your organism, the monthly detoxification will be the perfect option for this.

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Why the detoxification several times a year is the most effective?

Experts recommend detoxification of the organism to be performed twice or four times a year, depending on the change of seasons, in order the body to be able to cleanse itself and be ready for the next season. The cleansing in the spring is very important, because it allows the body to eliminate the fat that is accumulated during the winter, which are stored by our bodies in order to have energy for the cold months. Detoxification in autumn is also required to prepare our body for the winter season and to boost our immunity.

The cleansing two or four times a year takes place for the longest period (from 7 to 14 days) and although it can be performed at home, the better solution is to consult detox specialists, who will prepare a detox program especially for you to follow.

Now is clear how often to perform a detoxification, but how to prepare for it?

The truth is that this is the most difficult thing of all, and if you are not ready to perform the detoxification yourself, it would be almost impossible to deal with it.

Anyway… If you have decided at least to try and you are not in a clinic where you will be monitored, but you are trying to do it on your own at home, you should know that the cleansing of the organism shouldn’t be started without preparation.  So before you try (regardless whether you will try the monthly or annual cleansing), you have to start to change your diet at least two weeks in advance.

Gradually you should reduce the intake of coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, dairy products, sweet foods, animal products, and replace them with more vegetables and fruits.

Increase gradually also the water intake, because during the cleansing process you will have to drink at least 2,5 – 3 liters of water per day.

The preparation of the body in advance is very important, so you will give your organism time to get used to the change and to go through the detoxification processquickly, easily and without any problems.

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How to be sure if the detoxification of your organism was successful?

Every organism is different, which means that the cleansing process also may take place in different ways. But anyway….there are several major side effects that occur in over 80% of people. You can be sure that the cleansing process “works” if during the first days you feel strange, your urine and sweat have stronger odor, you have headaches and even nausea.

Don’t worry! These symptoms are only temporary and they will be over in a day or two. Then you will feel better, energized and your mood will quickly improve. Let’s not forget the fact that during detox the metabolism is boosted, so you will lose a few pounds and this fact is the strongest (and visible) indicators that the cleansing of the organism is working flawlessly.

How to choose a detox program?

This is entirely your choice and it depends on the way you feel. There are many types of detoxifying programs and some of them are detox with herbs, others – detox with fruits and vegetables, third – fruit and vegetable juices. If you search more information, you will also find special diets recommended by this or that Hollywood star or world famous singer or model.

However, our recommendation is before you start a detox to make full medical examinations, and then to consult with a specialist, and based on your results, he will be able to give you an advise on how often to perform detoxification and what is the best option for you, and also he will be able to prepare a special cleansing program for you that will be in compliance with your individual needs.

And the best option is just to go to a specialized detox clinic where you will be under constant supervision and your cleansing will be really effective and complete.