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Detoxification plays a very important role in the normal functioning of the organism, because thanks to the proper detox we can eliminate the harmful materials that are accumulated in it, due to our way of living, the foods we eat, and the contaminated environment that surrounds us.

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How to know when your organism needs detoxification?

The most obvious signs that your body has accumulated toxins are the bloated stomach, problems with the intestines, common heaviness and tiredness, pimples on the skin, nausea, white tongue, bad mood.

How to detoxify your organism?

The methods to help your liver eliminate the harmful substances are many, but the most enjoyable and 100% safe way is to include in your menu foods that have detoxifying effect.

There are many of this kind, but we have selected some of the most effective and easily accessible foods that are present in every household.

15 foods for detoxification of the organism

1. Garlic

We all know that the garlic is a natural antibiotic that can protect us from viral diseases in the winter. Besides being a super powerful antibiotic, however, the garlic is also a very effective food for purification of the organism.  A very small piece of garlic per day is enough to activate the liver enzymes that help the body to remove the accumulated harmful waste.

Moreover, the garlic contains high levels of allicin and selenium that help the production of white blood cells.

2. Lentils

The lentils contains gamma – aminobutyric acid (GABA) – an important substance, responsible for the normal function of the central nervous system. When the body experiences a deficiency of this acid, the person becomes irritable, aggressive and easily can fall into depressive states. The gamma – aminobutyric acid helps to regulate the excitement and normalize the functioning of the nervous system.

The plant fibers in the lentils perfectly clean the intestines in the stomach from the accumulated  slags and toxins.

3. Grapefruit

The grapefruit is a citrus rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants that have the ability to increase the natural function of the liver to remove and dispose of the harmful materials. The daily use of one glass fresh grapefruit juice helps the increase in the detoxifying enzymes, located in the liver that are responsible for the removal of the harmful body slags, including dangerous carcinogens that can have very adverse effect on the body if they not removed from the organism.

Moreover, the grapefruit reduces the cholesterol and improves digestion, which makes it especially very useful fruit to normalize the weight.

4. Algae

The seaweed is a super food that is actively involved in the improvement of digestion and removing toxins from the body. The algae contains many useful vitamins and minerals, making it preferred food, as well when following dietary regimen.

The most effective one with regard to the detoxification of the organism is the kombu algae. This seaweed is able to quickly bind and remove the toxins from the body.

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5. Beet

The beet is very rich in antioxidants and a bunch of other beneficial nutrients.  This vegetable protects the body from the accumulation of free radicals and takes care of the effective functioning of „the body’s cleansing system”. It is not a coincidence that beet is called the „vacuum cleaner of the liver”. If it is consumed as a salad, the fibers of the beet get bigger in the stomach and absorb as a sponge all accumulated toxins and waste.

Beet juice has an even deeper detoxifying effect on the liver. One glass of beet juice daily cleans the blood, evens the complexion and refreshes the skin.

6. Kale cabbage

Cabbage doesn’t have much calories, but it is rich in plant fibers, as well in various vitamins and microelements. Like almost all plants of the cabbage family, the Kale cabbage contains sulforaphane – a substance that helps the body to fight toxins, the harmful bacteria and cancer cells.

7. Green Leafy Vegetables

One of the strongest and most effective allies of the liver in the detoxification process of the organism are the green leafy vegetables. Rucola, dandelion, broccoli, spinach… all of them have a high content of chlorophyll, which helps the blood to be purified from the toxins accumulated from the environment.

All green leafy vegetables have the ability to remove the effect of the heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals, and they are powerful protector of the liver, but the dandelion should receive special attention.

It, the dandelion, is a bomb of antioxidants and other phytonutrients, that help not only to eliminate the toxins from the digestive system but also to reduce weight.

The tea prepared of fresh dandelion leaves stimulate the liver and the pancreas, and removes the harmful toxins out of the blood. And as a bonus, the dandelion is a wonderful source of vitamin K.

8. Lemons

The high content of vitamin C in the lemons helps the body to synthesize the harmful materials into substances that can be absorbed from the water and then easily discharged out. Drinking fresh lemon juice, mixed with water early in the morning helps to stimulate the liver functioning and improvement of the intestines work.

The daily consumption of a glass of hot water with lemon has also other effects besides the detoxification of the organism. This drink is recommended for toning, weight loss and increase of the immune system.

9. Avocado

Regular avocado eating keeps the liver healthy. Besides the fact that the avocado contains beneficial for the organism substances, this fruit has the ability to help the body to produce a substance called glutathione, which stimulates the work of the liver, helping it to eliminate the toxins that have harmful effect on the organism.

10. Apples

Rich in pectin, the apples contain components that help the elimination of toxic materials accumulated in the digestive tract.

11. Walnuts

These nuts are rich in amino acid called arginine, which helps the detoxification of the liver, especially from substances such as ammonia. It is recommended that walnuts are chewed well, because then they stimulate and improve the digestion the most.

12. Ginger

The root of this exotic spice contains antioxidants and other elements that strengthen the immune system and have detoxifying effect. Of course, if you try to eat the ginger root it won’t be easy for you, because it is not only very hard, but it has a specific taste. However, you can add a few ginger slices to your tea or to add it to a vegetable drink or to your salad. Whatever the usage method you choose, it will be very useful for your organism.

13. Turmeric

This spice is extremely beneficial for the organism. It is good to add it to a variety of meals prepared from vegetables or legumes, as it increases their detoxifying effects. The turmeric supports the action of the enzymes that help to eliminate the carcinogenic toxins.

14. Blueberries

The blueberries are the champions with regard to the content of anthocyanine – a substance that is irreplaceable in the fight against the free radicals. The small fruits have antiviral properties and are very rich in detoxifying phytonutrients that support the function of the liver.

Besides all these advantages the blueberries have also antibiotic effect, they increase the immune system and protect from viral diseases.

15. Green tea

The Green tea is a unique antioxidant and it is suitable helper in the fight against the obesity and the overweight. This tea contains valuable catechins which normalize the function of the liver.

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Besides the listed foods for detoxification of the organism, we can mention more

  • Carrots – they contain vitamins (А, В6, С and К), potassium, glutathione and plant proteins, that are very effective in liver detoxification.
  • Cold-pressed oils (olive oil, hemp oil and linseed oil) are considered to be healthy for the liver if used in small quantities.
  • Linseed – contains Omega 3 fatty acids that help the body to reduce blood sugar levels. The flax seeds are rich in fiber which eliminate a wide range of toxins in the body, and the fibers contained in the linseed protect the blood vessels from diseases. The consumption of two spoons of linseed per day provide the organism with a daily dose of omega acids.
  • Wholegrain foods (brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa) – they contain vitamins of the В group and nutrients that improve the metabolism and the liver function.
  • Yoghurt – the natural yoghurt is perfect for recovery of the intestinal flora, because it is rich in dairy ferments and has a low lactose content. The milk protects the walls of the intestines, performing detoxifying and anti-inflammatory action. It can be eaten daily independently or combined with fresh fruits, nuts or one-two linseed spoons.
  • Water – there is no way to miss the water, it is one of the main elements for detoxification of the organism. In order to cleanse the organism you have to drink water immediately after you wake up and then continue drinking it throughout the day.

One-day exemplary detox diet

If you feel bloated, sleepy and in a bad mood, most probably your body needs cleansing and rest.

We present to your attention a quick one-day diet that you can apply every time you feel need to.

Breakfast: immediately after you wake up drink a glass of hot water with squeezed lemon (if you can’t drink such water, you can add one spoon of honey). After 10 minutes eat a fruit and drink a cup of green tea.

Intermediate breakfast: drink a cup of tea

Lunch: brown rice, buckwheat or millet, according to your preferences, and a cabbage salad, beet or dandelion leaves.

Afternoon snack: a cup of yoghurt and a handful of almonds.

Dinner: a piece of salmon or mackerel, with little butter, lemon and spices and salad of beet, apples and carrots.

If you get hungry, you can drink one cup of green tea or to eat one fruit before going to bed.